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About Concentric

Concentric is a new IT company, with awesome experience. Established in early 2018 by Jordan Smith, Concentric can offer a wide range of quality, personalised IT and Web services for our customers.

Quality service, IT cost reduction for our clients and simple explanations are at the heart of everything Concentric does.

Jordan Smith
Director & Technician
Hi, I'm Jordan Smith. I have more than 5 years in the IT service industry. I starting out working in my high school's IT department when I finished studying there, this dropped me in the deep end of IT service - helping manage over 300 computers and 1000 users. I now have well-respected industry accreditations and qualifiations, as well as NZQA Level 5+ qualifiations.

After working in the high school and gaining my qualifications, I worked for a nationwide IT service company where I gained more experience, as well as learning the way NOT to treat customers. From this experience, I wanted to provide a greatly superior service to customers. This is where Concentric was born.