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Cloud PBX

With our Cloud PBX solution, you can work from anywhere utilising awesome call-flow features, highly-reliable infrastructure and only pay for what you use.


NZ hosted with redundant data centres ensuring your calls don’t go unanswered

Call Flow & Control
Call Flow & Control

Easily create call queues, hunt groups, conference lines and more easily in our web based admin system

Scalable & Flexible
Scalable & Flexible

We can accommodate just one user with one line all the way up to thousands of users across multiple locations

Simple Pricing
Simple Pricing

Pay per number and per simultaneous calling line. Only pay for the calling you use. We DON’T charge per extension!

Smartphone App
Smartphone App

Our revolutionary smartphone app allows you to receive calls anywhere and anytime just like a normal cellphone call

Kiwi-based Support
Kiwi-based Support

All of our staff are NZ based. If ever you need some assistance, we are here to help.

Our Cloud PBX service also integrates with Microsoft Teams. Click here to find out more

Need VoIP phones?

If you already have SIP-capable phones then they will work great with our network. If you need new VoIP phones, then we can provide these as a lease or purchase option.

You install or we install

The system is so easy to setup that you are welcome to do it yourself, but if you want us to do your setup, we are very happy to!

Cloud PBX Features

All of our Cloud PBX features are available on our Cloud Lines.

Shared Line Appearance
In most traditional systems, each extension can only be connected to one phone. With our cloud system, up to six different devices in any location be connected to each extension or line.

Each extension or line can have its own voicemail box. Voicemails can be received by calling a number, logging into the portal online, or having a copy of the voicemail emailed to your email address. 

Call Forwarding
Setup different call forwarding rules based on different calling conditions, as well as time based forwarding.

Do Not Disturb
Setup a do not disturb setting on a time basis. You can choose to divert to voicemail directly, or play a busy tone.

Simultaneous Ring
Ability to also have up to five other phone numbers (internal or external) ring when a call is received on an extension or line. Each number can be set to only ring simultaneously on a schedule also.

Call Screening
The call screening feature will ask the caller for their name. When the call comes through to you, you will hear the name of the caller with the ability to answer the call, decline the call, or send it to voicemail. 

Call Queues
You can setup different call queues which hold callers until an agent is available to take the call. There are multiple ring strategies and other fine tuning settings

Hunt Groups
Each hunt group number will be called in the order specified until answered. Each number can be called for a specified number of seconds until moving on. Hunt groups can be enabled on a time scheduled basis.

Auto Attendant / IVR
Auto Attendant is your virtual receptionist or IVR, that can greet all inbound calls and direct the caller to the department they require.

Call Waiting
With call waiting enabled, you will be presented with the option to accept the incoming call, and either hold your current call or end it. The caller will hear a ringing tone until you decide. If you decline the call, it is sent to your busy voicemail.

Call Rejection
Reject calls based on various conditions such as private calls or mobile calls

Conference Line
Setup either a dedicated DDI or internal extension to use as a dial-in conference line. You can setup a PIN if you like, allow all callers, or only allow specified callers.

Caller ID
You will see the caller’s number if they allow it. Also you can control which number is specified for outbound calls

Call Recording
You can setup calls to be recorded for specific lines or extensions. Calls can be recorded for just inbound or outbound calls, or both. Calls can also only be recorded for specific callers or numbers called, or on demand in a call.

Automatic Phone Provisioning
Automatically provision a range of IP Phone models with settings from the Cloud PBX. 

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