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Asterisk VOIP Solutions

Reduce your phone bills and

Get better features with VOIP

VoIP stands for Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol). In case you haven't heard of it before, VoIP directs your phone calls over the internet, rather than a copper wire in the ground.

Placing and receiving calls over the internet is almost exactly the same as traditional landline services, but it costs a lot less.

Customers who move from traditional POTS landline services typically save up to 90% on their line/number fees and can save up to 50% on their calling costs.

Talk to Concentric today about getting VoIP. Whether you are a small business with two phones or a nationwide system of hundreds of phones, Concentric has a low cost solution for you.

Concentric are also Asterisk software specialists. We can maintain a wide range of Asterisk-based systems.

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