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Migrating your phone & internet account to Hero

Migrating your phone & internet account to Hero

From 31 May 2023, Concentric Digital is migrating the phone and internet services of our clients to Hero Internet.

All of your existing services will remain the same. There may be some small minor changes for some clients, and these specific changes will be communicated to you directly. You will still need to complete the steps below.

We are making this change so that you are able to get the very best service possible. Hero Internet team has a 24/7 support team who will be able to help you quickly and efficently.

The costs for your services will be the same or reduced in price.

Prior to 31 May 2023, you will need to create an account with Hero using the link below and then setup your billing information and credit/debit card details. Hero do not offer an option for pay on invoice.

We would like to sincerely thank all our clients for their custom over the years.

How to create your account

  1. Go to the following link (it opens in a new tab):
  2. Fill out your details and billing address etc. Take note of the password you used, you will need this shortly.
  3. You will receive an email from Hero to confirm your signup. It may take up to 1 business day for your new account to be activated. Note your account number, you can use this to login in the next step. Once your account has been activated, follow the instructions below to setup your billing account

Login and Setup your Billing

  1. Go to the following link to login (it opens in a new tab):
  2. Enter your account number and the password you selected when creating your account
  3. After logging in, click the ‘Payments’ link the left side menu
  1. Enter your credit card details in the form
  2. Take special note of the tick boxes below the credit card details:
  1. If you have broadband connections on your account, ticking the ‘Enable automatic payments’ amount will mean that your monthly charge will be billed to your card. This means you don’t need to worry about keeping your account topped up for the monthly amount.
  2. If you use our phone services, we recommend ticking the ‘Enable automatic topups’ box. Your call charges will be deducted from your account balance with Hero as you make calls. When your balance is depleted, your card will automatically be charged to topup your account with the amount you specify. If you don’t setup an automatic topup and your balance reaches zero, you will be unable to make calls on your account.
  3. Once you have setup your billing, click the ‘Store Card Details’ button to confirm.

Next steps

The migration process will take a few days, starting June 1. Please note there will be NO interruption to your phone and internet service, as long as you have setup your account and have topped up your account if you use our phone services.

You will receive a final invoice from Concentric Digital in the first week of June for your May usage. This must be paid by the 20th June for your services to continue.

Once your services have been migrated, you will be able to manage your phone services and internet connection via the Hero Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is this happening?
    In order to give you the very best service, we are deciding to move your services to a provider who has a dedicated 24/7 help desk. As mentioned above, you will not be paying more for your services, and in some cases, see a reduction in cost for your services.
  2. What if I don’t want to move my services to Hero Internet?
    While we highly recommend doing so, you are welcome to engage another provider to manage your phone and internet services. You will need your selected provider to ensure your broadband connections are transferred and phone numbers ported to them prior to 31 May 2023. If you haven’t setup your account with Hero by then, your services will be suspended. If you do plan to move providers, we still recommend setting up an account with Hero Internet to ensure there is continuity of service.
  3. Do Hero Internet provide a pay on account or direct debit option?
    No. You will need to topup your account or setup an automatic payment using a debit or credit card with Hero. Don’t worry, you will still receive a monthly invoice from Hero for all your services.
  4. Do I have to learn how to use a different Cloud PBX portal?
    No! Hero use the same portal software as Concentric so there is no learning curve to using Hero’s system.
  5. Are my warranties still valid on phones or routers purchased from Concentric?
    Of course, Concentric will honour our responsibilities under the law. If you need to lodge a warranty claim, you will still be able to email admin@concentric.nz.
  6. What if I need onsite assistance?
    Hero Internet do not provide onsite assistance. If you require onsite assistance with your internet connection or phones, please contact DI Solutions Limited, 0508 444 888